Chile Openarms!



Alejandra from Chile at the Cejar Lagoon ( Atacama´s Desert) Chile Openarms!

Alejandra from Chile at the Cejar Lagoon ( Atacama´s Desert) Chile Openarms!

Carlos from Argentina. Easter Island Openarms!

Capital City: Santiago

Rosita e Luciana,  Japanese Gardens @ San Cristobal Hill, Santiago Openarms!

Chile has an unusual ribbon shape. It is 4300 km long and just 175 km wide (on average)

Karem wishing to enjoy forever with a Chilean virgin Patagonia. Tranquilo Lake Openarms!

The most popular sport in Chile is football (soccer to Australians and United Statians).

Ruth from Chile. Frutillar Openarms!

Chile is the world’s 38th largest country. It is about twice the size of Japan

Paula from Argentina. Colchane Openarms! (border with Bolivia)

Chile’s coastline stretches 2,700 miles long, running from the Atacama, the world’s most arid desert in the north, through forests, valleys, mountains, lakes, glacier fields, the Tierra del Fuego and the Antarctic Circle in the south. Chile is never more than 110 miles wide east to west.

Germán with a Pacific Ocean view in the Zapallar Cementery. Right there, behind me there is a grave of a person that died in 1756, Zapallar Openarms!

Unlike most of the world, Chile is blessed with natural barriers. The fruit-growing region is protected by the Andes Mountains on the east, the Antarctic ice cap to the south, the Pacific Ocean to the west, and the Atacama Desert to the north.

Denise from Argentina & Germán from Chile. Laja Falls Openarms!

Chile has a broad spectrum of growing climates. These climactic variations favor diversified production of fruits and prolonged harvest seasons. In the past 16 years, fresh fruit exports from Chile to North America have increased over 700 percent. Chile is the primary wintertime source (over 95 percent) of fresh grapes for the US and Canada.

Cecilia from Chile. Valdivia Openarms!

The Chilean fruit-growing season is opposite that ofthe US., so marketing is complementary rather than competitive.

Isabel from Chile. Santa Cruz Openarms!

There are more than 2,00 0 volcanoes in Chile, of which 50 are actually active.

Stefano from Italy. Valparaíso Openarms!

Chile is the second-largest producer of salmon in the world.

Carlos from Uruguay. Easter Island Openarms!

Chile provides North America with almost 15 percent of all its fruit sales during the months of November through April.

Denise from Argentina. Laja Falls Openarms!

Tourism is growing very quickly in Chile. In 2005, tourism generated more than $US4.5 billion.

Germán from Chile. Valparaíso Openarms!

Chile is the home of two Nobel Prize winning poets, Gabriela Mistral(1945), and Pablo Neruda(1971).

Denise from Argentina. Viña del Mar Openarms!

David Selkirk, immortalized as Robinson Crusoe, survived a shipwreck and lived for several years on a desert island off the coast of Chile, no doubt thriving on the nutritional benefits of fresh fruit.

Chilean Flag Openarms!

Alexis Sánchez a Chilean Soccer player in Barcelona

 Chile borders three different countries; Argentina to the east, Bolivia to the northeast and Peru to the north

Chile has an unusual ribbon shape. It is 4300 km long and just 175 km wide (on average)

Forests, grazing land, volcanoes and lakes are all features of southern Chile.

Michelle Bachelet Jeria was the first woman president ever in Chile and was elected in January 2006.

The population of Chile is expected to be about 20.2 million by 2050

About 10% of the Chilean population consider themselves indigenous to the region. However, according to the 2002 census, only about half of these people still speak a native language or practice a native culture

There are an estimated 840,000 Chileans living abroad. More than half of these live in Argentina and 2% of these live in Australia.

Catholicism is the main religion is Chile.

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