Peru Openarms!



The capital of Peru is Lima

Pilar from Mexico. Machu Pichu Openarms!

The area of the Peruvian territory is 1,285,215 sq km.

Cecilia from Chile. Máncora Openarms!

Peru has two official languages, Spanish and Quechua.

Peru is surrounded by Ecuador and Colombian in the north, Brazil and Bolivia in the east, Chile in the south and the Pacific Ocean in the west.

Peru’s currency is called Nuevo Sol.

Peru is known for its ancient Inca civilization and its food.

Cusco and Machu Picchu are the most visited places.

The estimated population of Peru is 29.5 million.Population under 15: 31.8%, Population over: 60: 8.1%

Life expectancy of Women: 74 yrs Life expectancy of men: 68.9 yrs

The urban population of Peru is 74.6%.

The fertility rate per women in Peru is 2.4 children.

Most Peruvians consider themselves Catholics. About 89% of the population is Catholic, 6.7% Evangelical and 4.3% other denominations.

Peru is a multi-ethnic society, it is estimated that 45% of the population is Amerindian, 15% Europeans, 37% Mestizo, 3% Asians and Africans.

The most popular sport in Peru is soccer (football in Peru).

Peru’s main exports are copper, gold, zinc, fishmeal.

Peru’s main trading partners in order of importance are United States, China, Chile, Canada.

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