About the Creator

My name is Germán Inostroza.

I was born in Concepción, Chile.

Since I was a child I was always curious about the country that I was living in comparison with the rest of the world.

In the 80´s the easiest and updated way to get that information was the “The World Almanac”  so every night before to go to sleep I was reading, checking and learning anything about another country always comparing to Chile. Since then, my strongest dream was to travel around the world and experience everything around.

Since I remember, I have had the intention to open my arms to have my picture  taken but always adults were saying it was better to close them. As I started to grow up I started to open my arms every time somebody was taken a picture of me. I wanted to say, Hey! I´m here!

My thoughts about pictures are that if you are there in the same location than other 100000 people, your picture is standing out because you are there in a different way so you transmit a different energy.

When I was in University I have had the awesome opportunity to be part of  an International team called The United Nations Cultural Ambassadors. It was a program from United Nations sponsored by Disney and other companies to celebrate the Millennium. It was there when I understood that we might be different in our religious beliefs, hair/skin color, and locations where we live but at the end of the day we were having the same thoughts and worries, we experienced same conflicts when we were growing up, like the same music, so we were equals even though we were coming from 70 different nations. At the same time, probably it was the best and strongest lesson of my life on how to break down prejudices about all nations around and probably I helped to bring down prejudices that people have about Chile.  I have had the opportunity to meet great people who still are my friends and we keep in touch. I remembered we were watching at that time “Friends” and we were laughing loud, I have that picture in my mind… from Japan, Chile, Saudi arabia, Brazil, Sweden, Israel, New Zealand, to name some of them all laughing! I don´t know if you will understand but it was simply amazing…

That is why, after collecting many pictures from people and myself  from many places I thought it might be a great idea to show the world through internet that we are people living in this world with the intention to have a happy life, people who wants to believe more than anything in people. With Openarms from anywhere we want to embrace the world in peace!

So, if you have any openarms picture from your city/town/country send it to me with a message (if you want) theopenarms@ymail.com  and I will post add it to the pictures we have.

Good Morning Life!


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